2024 Thrive Africa accelerator

Join the 4th Annual Thrive Africa Accelerator! The online Thrive Africa Accelerator equips social justice leaders with skills to become more effective vegan advocates for public health, animals, and the environment.

Participants are equipped with skills to launch a restaurant or institutional outreach campaign. Participants learn to develop a strong campaign plan, how to effectively reach targets, and persuade restaurants and institutions to reduce animal product offerings.

The accelerator ends with an invitation to join the world’s first, Africa-wide Africa Vegan Restaurant Week campaign!

Upon graduation, participants will have developed a campaign strategy plan, be equipped to launch the campaign in coordination with multiple organizations across 20+ African countries, chance to apply for a grant, receive a Certificate of Completion, and have a new network of like-minded advocates & friends!

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!  This accelerator is tailored to small and midsize groups and individuals. Organizations led by women and marginalized groups are encouraged to join.

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The 2024 Thrive Africa Accelerator ends with an invitation for participants to join the Africa Vegan Restaurant Week campaign!  

The Africa Vegan Restaurant Week is the first of its kind in Africa. It is an Africa-wide campaign and week-long celebration organized by activists and organizations from all across Africa.  All participants simultaneously launch the campaign in their own country, creating an Africa-wide effort to increase accessibility to healthy, plant-based food options and encourage restaurants to adopt vegan menus thereby making healthy, plant-based options more accessible to the public.  

Join the Thrive Africa Accelerator webinars to learn more and be a part of this world’s first initiative! Each accelerator webinar walks you through the steps of creating a campaign plan.

2023 was the inaugural Africa Vegan Restaurant Week with 29 participating organizations and 50 participating restaurants from 15 countries and widespread international media attention. We expect 2024 to be double the reach, join us to be a part of this important initiative! 

Africa Vegan Restaurant Week amplifies the plant-based food systems change movement across Africa by increasing accessibility for healthy, affordable, convenient, plant-based options, and replacing animal products with healthy, sustainable, plant-based restaurant meals, while also bringing widespread public awareness to veganism, healthy eating, and reasons for replacing factory farming.


Start Date

4th of April 2024.
Late comers are welcome to register! And you’ll receive a recording of missed webinars.

Time Commitment

2-4 hours per week, including 5 webinars and developing a campaign strategy.


  • 4 April: “The significance of Africa Vegan Restaurant Week with special international guest, Naijha Wright-Brown, founder of USA Maryland Vegan Restaurant Month”
  • 18 April: “Organizing an Africa Vegan Restaurant Week campaign”
  • 2 May: “Creating campaign partnerships”
  • 16 May: “Crafting Success: SMART objectives for optimal achievement”
  • 30 May: “Persuasive narrations for success”

Thank you to our vital funding partners for making the Thrive Africa Accelerator a reality.

we hope to see you there!



"Participating in the Thrive Africa Accelerator has been a transformational experience, accelerating our growth and strengthening our commitment to making positive impacts. I'm grateful for the support, mentorship, and networking opportunities it provided and I look forward to a future where our initiatives, powered by Thrive Africa, continue to thrive."

-Francis Musa, CEO/Founder, Compassionate GreenHeart Intiative Network, Nigeria


“The Thrive Africa accelerator was very useful to me and strengthened me in the context of vegan activism. It also allowed me to have more clear ideas on certain initiatives to be put into practice to contribute to the development of a world where all living beings have a value."

-Justin Lumoo Paluku, Executive Director, IPPE ASBL, Democratic Republic of Congo


"The notion of veganism should not only be in our plates but in our hearts but sometimes its difficult to take up the challenge for advocacy. However, Thrive Africa Vegan school Lunch Accelerator has equipped me with boldness for that challenge. Therefore, I will not only veganise school lunches but the society at-large."

-Ngwa Damaris Ngum, Happy World, Cameroon

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