Zehra Abbas

Zehra Abbas (she/her) 
Islamic Regional and Marketing Advisor

Zehra has had a keen interest in exploring how to make the world a kinder and more empathic place since her time volunteering for organizations like War Against Rape and The Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture in her youth.

Zehra’s newest endeavour is a non-profit called Green Islam which strives to highlight the incompatibility between modern consumption and lifestyle practices with Islamic teachings, in turn seeking to inspire Muslims to re-engage and act in accordance with the ethical spirit of Islam.

Zehra is the founder and volunteer president of a non-profit social enterprise, Studio.89, a fair trade, vegan cafe and community hub providing a free space for events, workshops, and resources with a specific focus on social justice activism and youth leadership development. Studio.89 also aims to benefit humans, animals, and the environment with their community programs that support marginalized communities.

While traveling, Zehra enjoys narrow cobblestone streets, ancient architecture, cuddling street animals, and volunteering with various charity organizations to advance her knowledge about community care from a holistic lens.