Zac lovas

Zac Lovas (he/him) 
Asia Regional Advisor

Zac is co-founder of Vegan Travel Asia and the VegVoyages Foundation, a team of 5 friends from 4 different countries and 4 different faiths who came together to create tours focusing on bridging cultural gaps through cultural immersion with local communities while enjoying 100% vegan food along the way. Starting with 3 trips in 2004, they now organize over 20 tours a year in 9 countries. As a mission-focused company, they collaborate with communities to help conceptualize and develop grassroots tourism programs that are environmentally friendly, socially impactful, vegan, and cruelty-free. Through a unique ‘community-based storytelling’ model of tourism, they create journeys in which their guests interact meaningfully and respectfully within local communities building intimate cultural contexts of the places they visit. Their journeys seek to enable a deeper understanding of each other, the environment, the planet, and our interlinked coexistence on it. It’s community-based storytelling, meets travel, meets veganism – all in one. They also invest 50% of their profits into the communities they work with through programs focused on social impact, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and education, and have been honored with the “Asia’s Responsible Tourism Award” 3 times at the World Travel Awards, and the “Best Use of Sustainability in Culinary Travel” at the Global Culinary Travel Awards, among others.