Thrive Africa

Thrive Africa amplifies the plant-based food systems movement across Africa by bolstering advocates that aim to reduce industrial animal agriculture and create healthy, sustainable, locally-relevant vegan food opportunities.

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Thrive Africa runs several projects. Everyone is invited to join.

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Thrive Africa Accelerator 2024

Equipping leaders with tools to manage strong campaigns.

Thrive Africa Accelerator 2023

Learn how to run a school lunch campaign.

Africa Vegan Restaurant Week

An Africa-wide, locally-driven, joint campaign. 

Africa Vegan School Lunch Campaign

An Africa-wide, locally-driven, joint campaign.

Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative

Strengthening leadership in women-identified advocates.

Seed Grants

Grants for advocacy.

Strategic Approach

Equity is the centerpiece of Thrive Philanthropy.  Therefore, Thrive Africa uses a Participator Model Co-Design Approach in developing its projects. Through a Participatory Model Co-Design Approach, Thrive Philanthropy recognizes that as a USA organization, we cannot truly understand the needs of Africa-based organizations, and thus we invited Africa-based individuals to lead Thrive Africa.

Thrive Africa is currently led by Africa-based staff and advocates, with the guidance of Thrive’s Africa Grantee Advisory Committee, Thrive’s Africa Funding Steering Committee,  and Thrive’s Global Advisory Committee.

Theory of Change

Thrive Africa’s Theory of Change is straightforward.

Through the support of regional experts, we strengthen the skillset, professional network, and funding opportunities of plant-based advocates across Africa while also sparking novel interest in vegan campaigns to new types of organizations.

This in turn, increases the number and strength of vegan, food justice organizations across Africa, which then leads to an increase in institutional meat reduction and plant-based public awareness across the continent, thereby, bringing us one step closer to a world free from industrial farming.


Between 2020-2023, Thrive Africa has:

  • Held 3 accelerators with 345 registered members in 20 African countries
  • Launched the world’s first Africa Vegan Restaurant Week, a pan-Africa campaign, with 17 organizations in 12 countries
  • Launched the world’s first Africa School Lunch Month with 49+ registered participants in 16 countries
  • Launched the Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative with 26 members in 15 countries
  • Sparked at least 30 new campaigns
  • Funded & grew 34 organizations
  • Spread vegan advocacy to at least 16 new countries
  • Supported 7 funders with due diligence
  • See more impact here.

2020-2022, Thrive Africa ran under a different name and organization by the same team.

Thrive Africa Team & Advisory Committee

Thrive Africa is led by an Africa-based woman team and is guided by the expertise of an Africa-based grantee advisory committee.



"The Africa Accelerator has not only transformed me to a better vegan advocate but has drastically woken the level of compassion I have for animals and nature as a whole. This transformation has inspired me to use every opportunity I have to transform Africans to the noble vegan lifestyle."

-Ngwa D., Happy World, Cameroon


“It was an amazing accelerator of its own kind. Well-organized and very informative with an amazing design that allows everyone to learn and suit the African environment. The acquired knowledge through the accelerator period will help the EAAW team to work very aggressively towards restaurants campaigns and other vegan programs that will help in transforming many people in Tanzania while serving millions of lives of animals that lost their lives for human food every day.”

-Ayubu, EAAW, Tanzania


"It has been a great journey, learning, interacting, sharing knowledge, and mostly paving a new way for our community to reduce animal product consumption."

-Elnuru S., EAAW, Tanzania


"What a great 4 months it has been being part of the accelerator. Learning... from different experts has really been eye-opening."

-Charles, Vegan Outreach Kenya, Kenya

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