Seed Grant

Seed Grant

The Seed Grant funds initiatives that create just, plant-based food systems by reducing the consumption or demand of animals, overcoming industrial animal agriculture, or for vegan advocacy.

About Seed Grant

The Thrive Seed Grant ranges up to $5000 USD.
The Seed Grant is geared toward new or small-scale organizations, participants of the Thrive Africa Accelerator, one-time small-scale projects, or individuals without nonprofit status. Please see other grant opportunities here.

Deadlines are 11:59 pm GMT on:
1 March
1 June
1 Sept.
1 Dec.

It takes up to 8 weeks from the deadline for a response. While we aim to fund many proposals, grants are limited, and unfortunately, not all who apply will be awarded. 

Please scroll down to read the eligibility criteria and apply.
At this time, USA organizations or international chapters of USA organizations are currently not eligible.
Proposals are welcomed through the online application. Unfortunately, we can’t accept emailed proposals.
Organizations that receive a grant are typically eligible for one grant per year.

Equity is the centerpiece of our giving. Proposals led by women, people of colour, and other marginalized persons are encouraged to apply.

Special Note for Africa-Based Applicants:

If you’re based in Africa, would like to apply, and haven’t received a grant from Thrive in the past, we invite you to first join the Thrive Africa Accelerator HERE. Within the accelerator you’ll join a cohort of like-minded advocates across Africa, Thrive will get to know more about your work, and you’ll then be invited to apply for a Seed Grant.

Due to the exceptionally high number of applications received within Africa, grant applications from Africa are only being accepted by active members of the Thrive Africa Accelerator, former grantees, and by invitation. We thank you for understanding!


Eligibility Criteria

  • Proposals that aim to create just, vegan food systems by reducing the global consumption of animals, reducing industrial animal agriculture, or for vegan advocacy.
  • Aligns with Thrive Philanthropy’s safespace policy.
  • Outside the United States and/or are not an international chapter of a US-based organization.
  • Applicants must consistently demonstrate a positive reputation with their stakeholders and community and can contribute to Thrive Philanthropy’s positive reputation.
  • Not a for-profit company.
  • We are currently prioritizing organizations with a budget less than $500,000 USD.

Ineligible Projects

  • Cellular agriculture work
  • Projects or organizations that benefit, support, or are impartial to the exploitation of animals, including humans
  • Organizations or projects that provide material aid or vegan food aid to the military or police
  • For-profit companies, including restaurants and other businesses
  • Food banks, food giveaways, meal distributions, hunger-relief
  • Farmed animal welfare campaigns
  • Animal farming or other animal use
  • Projects that use animal products (animal-based food, leather, etc.)
  • Political parties or candidate endorsement
  • Tuition, student research, university fees
  • Work within the United States or international chapters of USA organizations
  • Chapters of larger international organizations