Lasse Bruun

Lasse Bruun (he/him)
Food System Advisor

Lasse Bruun is the UN Foundation’s Director for Climate and Food. He is an advocacy expert on food systems, energy transition, sustainable agriculture and social justice, with twenty years experience in leadership, development, campaigning and movement building. Prior to joining the UN Foundation, Lasse built 50by40, a global NGO bringing together 70 organizations across 45 countries. Within this role, Lasse enabled close global collaboration between multiple stakeholders, pushed sustainable livestock to the forefront of the food systems debate and brought about meaningful collaboration and exchange between Global North and Global South movements. With a background in rhetoric and political science, Lasse has curated high-level international dialogues and campaigns in more than 20 countries, enabling an exchange of ideas between sectors, movements and powerholders. In 2021, Lasse was appointed the global civil society lead on sustainable consumption for the UN Food System Summit Action and co-led the summit’s work on food system management. Lasse runs a small farm using agroecology and intercropping to grow vegetables.