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Thrive Philanthropy has a CEO with 14+ years of professional philanthropic and grantmaking experience, a team collective 20+ years in philanthropy and 50+ years in food systems work, a network of 300+ food systems advocates from nearly 100 countries, an existing grantor/grantee relationship with 100+ food systems organizations, and the expertise of Thrive’s global Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, and Funding Steering Committees.

Thrive will optimize your international giving.

Grant Recommendations
(outsourced program officer)

Thrive provides a curated list of international grant recommendations. We manage all steps in the grantmaking process including proposal evaluations, grantee relationships, wire funding, due diligence, monitoring, administration, and more. All you do is make funding decisions. Think of it as an outsourced Program Officer role.

An additional benefit is that grantees gain access to Thrive’s capacity-building and global network of advisors.

International grant transfers

Thrive offers grant processing and wire transfers to your suggested organizations either outside USA or within USA. This ensures you receive tax deductions while supporting a non-USA group or a non-incorporated USA group. We specialize in difficult-to-reach regions.

Vetting & site visits

Thrive conducts vetting and/or international site visits for your potential grantee so you can rest assured it’s a strong giving opportunity. We specialize in Global South organizations.

other services

Curated Consultation
Grantmaking Evaluations
Implementing Trust-Based Philanthropy and Equitable Giving Systems
Africa Grantmaking Due Diligence
Other Tailored Services

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