Dawn Moncrief, MA

Dawn Moncrief, MA (she/her) 
Board Treasurer

Dawn Moncrief is the founder and president of A Well-Fed World, an international hunger relief and food security organization advancing the benefits plant-based foods and farming.

A Well-Fed World’s research and advocacy create top-down structural change, while their grants and programs achieve immediate impact at the grassroots level. Since 2009, AWFW’s Global Grants program has distributed more than $15 million in 95 countries. Contributions are also provided through their Plants-4-Hunger gift-donation program that provides an alternative to livestock gifting with year-round opportunities to alleviate hunger in honor of friends of family. Their Climate-Friendly Food Guide provides guidance and plant-based recipes for a sustainable, well-fed future.

Dawn holds two master’s degrees from The George Washington University: one in International Relations, the other in Women’s Studies—both with a focus on economic development. She was an early participant in the Woodhull Institute’s Ethical Leadership Program and was awarded the Graduate Prize for Feminist Scholarship for her research leading to her thesis: Rethinking Meat – Recentering World Hunger Paradigms: A Standpoint Critique of Food Choice, Food Policy, and Overconsumption.

For more than two decades, her work has highlighted the ways in which the consumption and production of meat and other animal-sourced foods increases economic disparities and exacerbates global hunger, especially for women and girls. She also draws attention to the devastating impact of animal agriculture as a leading cause of climate destruction and natural resource depletion.

Dawn is the board chair of ProVeg International, board chair of Beyond Carnism, board treasurer of Thrive Philanthropy, board secretary of A Just World, and co-chair of the Food and Climate Alliance. She has presented throughout the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Africa. Her publications include contributions in: Food Justice: A Primer; Striking at the Roots; The Reducetarian Solution; and Circles of Compassion.