Dash Meizler

Dash Meizler (he/him) 
Africa Regional Advisor

On the surface, Fahd Kharim Ssevume commonly known as Dash Meizler is an accomplished humanitarian with over 6 years of experience. His desire to support and reach out to the vulnerable people motivated him to launch Podrska Foundation. More than his humanitarianism, he is also an known for his effective and efficient animal activist in Uganda, his love for the non-humans made him incorporate Podrska Foundation with a vegan philosophy where he uses friendly based approaches to spread veganism all over his country. His opinions are highly valued in his country and people trust and respect his judgments.

Growing up, Dash felt accustomed to the company of adults. he was always more mature than the other children at school. This brought him exposure on the reality about the world rather than what it appears to be.

What is striking about each of Dash’s projects is that it addresses immediate needs but with the long-term goal of enabling the participants to become economically and educationally independent enough to live in harmony with others – not only with other human beings but also with non-human animals. That is, Dash has a vision of multispecies justice – one that is informed by deep commitment to human as well as by animal rights.