Thrive Africa Impact 2020-2023

Since 2020*, Thrive Africa has made great strides in expanding the vegan food justice movement across Africa. 

Between 2020 and 2023, Thrive Africa has:

  • Held 3 accelerators with 345 registered members in 20 African countries
  • Launched the world’s first Africa Vegan Restaurant Week, a pan-Africa campaign, with 29 organizations in 15 countries
  • Launched world’s first Africa Vegan School Lunch Campaign with 49 registered participants in 16 countries
  • Launched Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative with 29 women-identified leaders from 15 countries
  • Sparked at least 30 new campaigns
  • Funded & grew 34 organizations
  • Spread vegan advocacy to at least 15 new countries
  • Supported 7 funders with due diligence

Thrive Africa is developed using an equitable Participatory Co-Design Approach and is led by Africa-based staff.

*2020-2022, Thrive Africa ran under a different name and a different organization but with the same team.


Africa Accelerators Launched


Registered Members


Participating Countries


Members of the Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative from 16 countries


Grants Funded and at least 30 new vegan projects launched


Funders Supported with Due Diligence


Africa Vegan Restaurant Week registered participants and 50 participating restaurants, from 12 countries


Africa School Lunch Campaign registered participants in 16 countries

Photos of Thrive Africa member projects



"Participating in the Thrive Africa Accelerator has been a transformational experience, accelerating our growth and strengthening our commitment to making positive impacts. I'm grateful for the support, mentorship, and networking opportunities it provided and I look forward to a future where our initiatives, powered by Thrive Africa, continue to thrive."

-Francis Musa, CEO/Founder, Compassionate GreenHeart Intiative Network, Nigeria


“The Thrive Africa accelerator was very useful to me and strengthened me in the context of vegan activism. It also allowed me to have more clear ideas on certain initiatives to be put into practice to contribute to the development of a world where all living beings have a value."

-Justin Lumoo Paluku, Executive Director, IPPE ASBL, Democratic Republic of Congo


"The notion of veganism should not only be in our plates but in our hearts but sometimes its difficult to take up the challenge for advocacy. However, Thrive Africa Vegan school Lunch Accelerator has equipped me with boldness for that challenge. Therefore, I will not only veganise school lunches but the society at-large."

-Ngwa Damaris Ngum, Happy World, Cameroon

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