Rubem Gomes

Rubem Gomes (he/him) 
Africa Regional Advisor

Rubem Gomes is a vegan activist from Angola. He is founder and President of the Angolan Vegetarian Association (AVA), founder of Animal Save Angola, and regional coordinator of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU) for Africa.

Rubem has maintained the vegan philosophy of life in a natural, ethical, and honest way. He is a part of the new wave of activists who defend popular veganism, abolitionism, and anti-speciesism. Reducing the suffering of animals as much as possible and fighting for their rights is part of the message I pass on in all my actions. As an anti-speciesist, Rubem is in favor of the equality of all beings.

Angolan Vegetarian Association is an example of how activism can positively impact a society. It is important to continue to educate people about the importance of these issues and promote positive changes in the lives of all animals, as well as the health and environment impacts of a vegan diet.