Nicola Kagoro

Nicola “Chef Cola” Kagoro (she/her) 
Thrive Africa Co-Manager

Nicola “Chef Cola” Kagoro founded African Vegan on a Budget in 2016 to raise awareness about plant-based eating and to inspire people to incorporate vegan meals into their diet every day. Africa Vegan on a Budget is one of the first vegan organizations in all of Africa. She teamed up with the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) to establish a vegan camp kitchen in the bush for the Akashinga Rangers, an all-woman team protecting wild animals from poaching. Chef Cola is also the founder of the grassroots movement Back to Black Roots, an initiative that spreads awareness of the beauty of African vegan culture and cuisine. She is an international award-winning vegan chef and international speaker and has been featured in multiple articles and interviews around the world. She is author of “African Vegan On A Budget 40+ Comfort Plant-Based Meals with Chef Cola”.

At Thrive Philanthropy, Nicola oversees the Africa Strategic Planning Course, Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative, and other Africa-based projects.

She can be reached at