Nataki Kambon

Nataki Kambon (she/her) 
Technology and Africa Regional Advisor

Nataki Kambon is a powerhouse entrepreneur and advocate known for her business-savvy, cultural empowerment and vegan advocacy. As the guiding force behind Nu Business Solutions, she has transformed startups into thriving enterprises for over 15 years. Beyond consultancy, her business savvy runs parallel to her unwavering commitment to vegan advocacy. Together with her niece Kid Chef Ama, the duo co-founded a catering and delivery service to give people transformative vegan culinary experiences. They also founded an NGO that concentrates on diet-change advocacy through wide-ranging outreach and media to normalize vegan food. A key program is to help young girls through vegan culinary job skills training. Nataki’s mission remains: uplifting the Black community via economic enlightenment, dietary health, and cultural pride. Their vision focuses on equipping young girls with vegan culinary skills, a strategic move to redefine roles in commercial kitchens and influence dietary choices in households. Through these endeavors, Nataki tirelessly pushes for a more inclusive, healthy, and sustainable world.