LATAM Funding Steering Committee

LATAM Funding

Steering Committee

Thrive food systems fund

Regional steering committee members impart expertise and lived experience in local food systems and in-depth access to local advocate networks.

By utilizing regional experts, advocates, and networks, Thrive ensures funding allocation is regionally effective and culturally appropriate, and that we avoid risk of Western colonialism or inequitable funding practices.

In addition to the Regional Funding Steering Committees, the Thrive Food Systems Fund is guided by a straightforward strategy, a CEO with 1.5 decades’ experience in equitable global grantmaking, and a team with a collective 50+ years in food systems change work.

Factory farming is a global issue. Thrive offers a global solution. 
Join us in reimagining the world’s food system.

All committee members contribute a deep understanding of local food systems or advocacy, an in-depth network of local advocates, and/or knowledge of local philanthropy ecosystems.

Steering committee members guide funding priorities, grantee relationship-building and expanding grantee network, and support in growing the pooled fund.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please apply here.