Thrive offers various grant opportunities for initiatives that aim to eliminate industrial animal agriculture, create just, plant-based food systems, reduce animal consumption, and for vegan advocacy.

Seed Grant

Up to $5000 USD.

The Seed Grant is geared toward new or small-size organizations, participants of Thrive Africa projects, one-time smallscale projects, or individuals without nonprofit status.  

Thrive Grant

$10,000 – $50,000 USD.

The Thrive Grant is geared toward mid-size to larger organizations and/or organizations with a track record of success.



"Thrive and its dedicated team members embody kindness and compassion in every endeavor. Their tireless efforts not only secure funding for small grassroots vegan organizations worldwide but also foster the creation of global vegan networks. Additionally, their commitment shines through in the invaluable practical training sessions they offer, empowering all of us to flourish.

Having had the privilege to know such exceptional individuals, we count ourselves truly blessed. Our hope is that more organizations can partake in the remarkable camaraderie and experience the warmth of these compassionate hearts. Thrive's contributions leave an indelible mark, inspiring us to reach new heights and make a lasting difference in the world."

-Joyce Chen, Nutritionist, Taiwan Vegetarian Nutrition Society, Taiwan


"With Thrive's help we can continue our activities, we plan to involve more caterers and our local campaigns will continue. We hope that the meat-free educational material we have produced will also reach many places, raising awareness among children and institutions to reduce meat consumption.

Throughout our activities so far, we have been in contact with Jessika, who has always been able to answer any questions quickly and accurately. We would like to thank her for her helpfulness and flexibility in all our programmes."

-Szilvia, Kapitányné Sándor, Friends of the Earth Hungary, Hungary


"It's hard to imagine a world without the Thrive Philanthropy team. I began my advocacy work in 2016, building the Evolve Our Prison Farms campaign at the intersection of animal rights, human rights, and climate justice. In 2018, I received an email from Jessika at her previous organization encouraging me to explore grant opportunities. That email opened doors of possibility, resilience, sustenance and growth, through financial support and equally important professional and personal support.

Advocacy work can be financially, physically and metaphysically draining. Knowing that I'm connected to a vibrant advocacy community, knowing that support is only an email or a grant application away, has made every difference to me personally and professionally, and has given my advocacy the resources and nurturance needed to thrive."

-Calvin Neufeld, Evolve Our Prison Farms, Canada

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