Thrive Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative

Thrive Africa, a department of Thrive Philanthropy, is excited to announce the Thrive Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative.

Thrive Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative offers leadership skills, campaigning skills, and a safe network of like-minded women-identified vegan advocates across all African countries. Our goal – unite African women-identified vegan activists and build a stronger, women-led vegan network across the continent.

This is an online initiative, individuals from any African country can participate.

What you gain

Participating in the Thrive Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative empowers registered members to address critical issues surrounding vegan advocacy and organization leadership. Thrive Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative strengthens capacity of participants to create resilient plant-based food systems that increase access to healthy, sustainable plant-based foods, alleviate hunger, and improve nutrition across the continent. Participants will gain skills to advocate for ethical treatment and compassionate living.

Participants will also be eligible to apply for a grant, and join a network of likeminded colleagues and friends.

who can participate

The Thrive Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative is open to women-identified animal or vegan advocates residing in Africa and working either as an individual or from small to mid-size groups. We welcome everyone – organization leaders, staff, influencers, individual advocates, and those just starting on their vegan advocacy journey.

This is an online initiative so that individuals from any country can participate.

initiative lead

The Thrive Africa Vegan Women’s Initiative is led by Virginia Ruguru, a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition with over 12 years of experience in managing international and national nonprofit programs. Currently serving as the Thrive Philanthropy Africa Co-Manager, she is dedicated to promoting plant-based culinary traditions and humane education. Virginia endeavors to nurture compassion and respect for all living beings, with a strong emphasis on the humane treatment of animals. Committed to accelerating plant-based food systems and promoting veganism, she aims to drive positive change and advocate for sustainable practices in nutrition and ethical values.

For more information, please contact Virginia at