Thrive Africa Accelerator 2023

2023 Thrive Africa accelerator

We’re thrilled to offer our third annual Thrive Africa Accelerator! The Thrive Africa Accelerator equips leaders with skills to become more effective vegan advocates for public health, animals, and the environment.

The 2023 Thrive Africa Accelerator trains participants in launching vegan school lunch campaigns. The 4-month long accelerator offers participants the skills necessary to develop a strong campaign plan, while also building an Africa-wide vegan advocate network. The accelerator ends in October with an invitation to join the Africa-wide “Thrive Africa School Lunch” campaign!

At the end of the accelerator, participants will have developed a campaign strategy, be equipped to launch the campaign jointly with multiple organizations across Africa, have a chance to apply for a grant, receive a certificate of completion, and have gained a new network of like-minded advocates & friends!

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!  This accelerator is tailored to small and midsize groups and individuals. Women and marginalized groups are encouraged to join.

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 Thrive Africa School Lunch Campaign

During the accelerator, participants will learn the skills to take part in the Africa-wide “Thrive Africa School Lunch Joint Campaign“, a joint campaign organized by organizations in over 20 cities across Africa.  

The Thrive Africa School Lunch Joint Campaign aims to amplify the vegan food justice movement across Africa by replacing animal products with healthy, sustainable, plant-based school lunches, while also bringing widespread public awareness to veganism.

The accelerator is now over for 2023 but you can still register to watch the webinar and learn skills to launch this impactful campaign!


The Thrive Africa Accelerator and Vegan School Lunch Campaign is led by Thrive Africa Co-Manager, Nabaasa Innocent.  Nabaasa is an international vegan speaker and founder of one of Africa’s first and largest vegan advocacy organizations. She has several years of experience in leading successful vegan advocacy projects. 

Start Date

The Thrive Africa Vegan School Lunch Accelerator is now completed for 2023. Keep an eye on our website for next year’s accelerator!

The joint Thrive Africa School Lunch Campaign launches 23 October 2023.

Time Commitment

The training accelerator requires 2-4 hours per week, including bimonthly webinars, strategy discussions, and campaign strategy development.


  • 16th June: “Why veganizing school lunches is an effective tactic”
  • 30th June: “Including humane education in your campaign”
  • 14th July: “Identifying the right schools”
  • 4th Aug.: “Pitching vegan school lunches to government and partners”
  • 18th Aug.: ‘’Tips on developing school lunch dietary guidelines’’
  • 1st Sept.: ‘’Equipping school caterers with relevant skills and developing a training curriculum for caterers’’
  • 15th Sept.:  ‘’Experience sharing workshop from an organization that has implemented a vegan school lunch campaign’’
  • 29th Sept.: ‘’Working closer together: participants join a group call to ask questions and share feedback”



"The Africa Accelerator has not only transformed me to a better vegan advocate but has drastically woken the level of compassion I have for animals and nature as a whole. This transformation has inspired me to use every opportunity I have to transform Africans to the noble vegan lifestyle."

-Ngwa D., Happy World, Cameroon


“It was an amazing accelerator of its own kind. Well-organized and very informative with an amazing design that allows everyone to learn and suit the African environment. The acquired knowledge through the accelerator period will help the EAAW team to work very aggressively towards restaurants campaigns and other vegan programs that will help in transforming many people in Tanzania while serving millions of lives of animals that lost their lives for human food every day.”

-Ayubu, EAAW, Tanzania


"It has been a great journey, learning, interacting, sharing knowledge, and mostly paving a new way for our community to reduce animal product consumption."

-Elnuru S., EAAW, Tanzania


"What a great 4 months it has been being part of the accelerator. Learning... from different experts has really been eye-opening."

-Charles, Vegan Outreach Kenya, Kenya

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