Abundance Zaddy

Abundance Zaddy, MFA, BFA (he/them) 
Board Member

Abundance Zaddy (pronouns: he, wealth, wellness and sovereignty), MFA, BFA is the Founder and CEO of W3AVING W3BS (pronounced Weaving Webs). He guides journeys for generational caregivers to synergize their stories and build teams to fund their wellness ecosystems fully.
Abundance is an award-winning Sangoma, South African Traditional Healer, Black Indigenous non-binary transman and eldest sibling. He has traveled nationally and globally since he was 12 years old. As an Ivy-league trained researcher and strategic consultant, he has impacted over 40 organizations and programs in 4 countries to build capacity through new partnerships and raised over $900,000 for Black LGBTQ+ grassroots and professional caregivers. Abundance uplifts an ecosystem of caregivers who are artists, doulas, teachers, parents, CNAs, retail and customer service workers, therapists, medical professionals, farmers, organizers.
His work is to build global trust and safety ecosystems and to collaborate to build a regenerative $5+ Trillion Reparations Economy that centers Black LGBTQ+ caregivers. With Black LGBTQ+ caregivers as the model, replicable systems for all caregivers can be expanded to statewide and global regional care ecosystems. Caregivers are not martyrs; they are the means of production and touch all our lives.
With care and enthusiasm he brings his experiences to Thrive Philanthropy’s Board of Directors.